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Me, the SuperSnail

Hi folks, I’m Quentin the SuperSnail and I have been a working artist since the early eighties. My speciality is trompe l’œil (note the use of the Œ for the correct spelling) but I undertake many different styles.

I also design and mount websites (some of which can be seen on the pages in the menu). Also, I prepare graphics for web and print and much more. SuperSnail comes from the way I sign my work, with a stylised “QR” which you can see above and resembles a snail. For more info about me please see the ABOUT page.

I also use this web space to mouth off a bit. Can’t help it. I look at the world and I see so many somnambulists plodding through dreary, avoidable, tough lives with so much un-noticed weirdness going on all around them. It makes me wonder why they don’t all wake up and we can do something to restore people a bit of control over their lives instead of faceless corporations dictating to OUR governmental representatives how poor and deprived they want us to be.

Don’t play their game: you don’t need that extra 42″ flat-screen with its designed in life expectancy of a couple of years. Buy an instrument, entertain yourself instead of being spoon-fed mindless sit-coms and police dramas with their glorification of violence and infidelity.

I hope you enjoy browsing my work, that you don’t get too annoyed at my rants, and if you feel I can help in some way please contact me.





This front page is my BLOG where I complain about the world in general – and a lot.

If you want to see the PORTFOLIO please use the menu navigation to the left.

Logo Parodies – globalist masters

A few more logo parodies on our well loved globalists.

Granted the spanish word for our “C” word lends itself to the logo parodies of the Coke mark. But the Mickey D logo parodies work in both languages.

My feelings are that as long as these companies continue to claim that their products are “good for you” I’ll keep producing logo parodies of them. Take 5 minutes to google how much sugar is in a can of coke and how much sugar is recommended for a healthy body. I think you’ll be surprised

  • pon un tigre en tu conejo = put a tiger in your bunny (spaniards use “bunny” instead of “pussy”)
  • come = eat
  • da vida = adds life
    • logo parodies esso

      Sexo interesante?

      cola coke logo parodies chochito

      Coke gives life?

      cocacola logo parodies chochito

      Come Chochito

      logo parodies macdonalds parody

      Masturbate – I’m lovin’ it

      logo parodies mcdonalds parody

      McDonald’s parodia

      See more here


Vine – 6 second fun

Looking for something new to do, I checked out VINE

vine logo supersnailartI got out my camera and a couple of guitars and this is what happened… A couple of vine videos.

For those that don’t know, a vine is a 6 second film loop that never stops. Originally designed for mobile phones, it has passed to the computer, where there’s more flexibility. Mine was made in the computer, passed to my phone and uploaded to my Vine account.

Some are truly incredible.

You can see more of my vines here as well as some that interest me.


Spanish translation

Spanish translation?

I was talking to a Spanish friend who was looking at my site. She rightly complained that it is all in english, there is no spanish translation. This is something I hope to correct in the near future when I return from Wales.

In the mean time here is a graphic produced in english and has now a spanish translation – the two languages at last. There are a lot of pages and posts on this site and the spanish translation will, unfortunately, take a little while.

spanish translation capitalism and waste

Capitalism is a wonderful waste of resources


Aberystwyth – Wales

Aberystwyth – the mouth of the Ystwyth

Up the road from where I am currently staying in Borth is the university town of Aberystwyth. The name means “mouth of the Ystwyth river”.

The town is situated on the west coast of Wales near the confluence of the rivers Ystwyth and Rheidol. Aberystwyth has a pier and a fine seafront which stretches from Constitution Hill at the north end of the Promenade to the mouth of the harbour at the south, taking in two separate beach stretches divided by the castle.

The castle is an Edwardian fortress that was built during the First Welsh War in the late 13th century. It was begun during Edward I’s first Welsh campaign.
(Taken from Wikipedia [1][2])

See the photos in this tiny player or visit Photobucket to see all the photos and in more detail and much larger.


Borth, in Wales

Staying with Phil and Hal

A mindless fascist regime in Spain (known as the PP or Partido Popular (now there’s a misnomer if ever there was one)) has necessitated a spell away from home. Phil, an old friend, invited me to stay with him and his son Hal in Borth as long as I need to sort out various problems created by the corrupt fascist government of Spain. But it has also given me the opportunity to take more photos.

Photos of Borth

Or visit Photobucket to see all the photos and in more detail.

Multi-shot panoramas of Borth

If you’d like to see these pictures at a normal size, visit Photobucket to see all the photos and in more detail.


My mate Rob

So Rob asked me to create some more parodies on various governmental bodies that have way too much influence over out lives and indulge in CRONY CAPITALISM.

I was happy to do it. Some are new, some are alterations. But either way they still apply. So why don’t you people that stumble across my site wake up and start waking up your friends and families? Go on – life will improve.

And while you are at it, check out the Alliance for Natural Health – they make way more sense than most of the governmental clap-trap.

ANH Europe and ANH USA


Federal Trade Commission


U. S. Food and Drug Administration


European Food Safety Authority



So there I am minding my business when I get a call from one of my oldest (in time, not age) friends, Rob Verkerk from the Alliance for Natural Health. He and a colleague of his have taken on the the distributorship of a health supplement called Nuzest which was going to be promoted at The Polaris Professional Jiu-JItsu Invitational that took place on Sept. 12th 2015, in Cardiff, Wales.(see here) and can I edit film? In a rush?

Well I have messed around with film, but I wouldn’t say I edited film. Anyway, this is how it turned out. I was happy with it.


La Ley Mordaza

The Gag Law

Outlawing public opinion in Spain

The Gag Law – La Ley Mordaza or more correctly Citizen Safety Bill

La ley mordaza - The gag law

La ley mordaza – The gag law

La ley mordaza - The gag law

La ley mordaza – The gag law

So we have regressed to the time of Franco and his fascist regime.

The reality is that the Gag Law is just one more in a series of highly repressive actions by state institutions against Spain’s autonomous social movements [1]. Designed to keep us robots in place and to deny us our rights to free speech, to demonstrate against the repressive fascist regime that has been reinstalled.

This writer, Belen Fernandez, pretty much hits the nail on the head in her article Outlawing public opinion in Spain

The New World Order in action folk.

Time to wake up.


The peaceful home of WAR

America the peaceful home of WAR

The peaceful home of war

  • America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776
  • Pick any year since 1776 and there is about a 91% chance that America was involved in some war during that calendar year.
  • No U.S. president truly qualifies as a peacetime president. Instead, all U.S. presidents can technically be considered “war presidents.”
  • The U.S. has never gone a decade without war.
  • The only time the U.S. went five years without war (1935-40) was during the isolationist period of the Great Depression.

See more here


Save Spain

Well, as the saying goes, there are none so blind as those that will not see.

On the 20 November 1975 General Franco shuffled off his mortal coil (none to soon) and ostensibly a tyrannical dictatorship came to an end. The Spanish peoples got a stab at “democracy”, albeit with a royal family still in place. Much the same as the UK. A bunch of out-dated spongers collecting huge salaries and claiming vast tracts of prime real-estate for free.

Forty years on and the past has been forgotten… those that cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. So we have the PP as the governing body. The PP (Partido Popular – so they think) are a bunch of self agandising fascists that believe in nepotism and stripping the country of it’s wealth in order to curry favours with the corporate oligarchy and make themselves “rich and famous” at the cost of the citizen.

Out of this mess (Andalucía has an unemployment of roughly 40%) came PODEMOS (translated – WE CAN). A brand new party for the people with the people in mind. They came in overnight and claimed so many seats on their first trial run that it rather appears that they may win the next elections. I think that will be the first time in the history of world politics that that has happened – should it come to pass.


PP destroying Spain

Naturally the corporate controlled media are calling it COMMUNISM. But then again their education is so dire that they probably don’t really know what communism is. However the communists here aren’t impressed with being lumped in the same bag as them.

Suffice it to say that should PODEMOS win, it should be a big rocket up the arse of conventional 2 party politics.

Don’t you think we’ve had enough proof that politics and rampant capitalism are in actual fact destroying the world?


GMOs – the ticking time-bomb

Bio engineering GMOs – safety first.

gmos - monsanto bio rapists

Bio rapists without a clue what will happen

Do you think that a bunch of bio-engineers whose remit is to make GMOs at a profit at any cost (we will pay the cost, it seems like the first mutations in human placentas are occurring in the Indonesian Archipelago possibly as a result of GM soya.) are to be trusted with out FOOD!

I mean, come on folks, what we put in our bodies is pretty fundamental. Tomatoes with fish genes? Super-mutant weeds causing havoc with water courses.

Only in America is a pizza classed as a VEGETABLE.

Yes folks, you heard right, A VEGETABLE.

Quick aside: did you also know that in the good ol’ US of A that 13 people die every hour due to food related diseases and ignorance? Personally I’d take a look at microwaves and their role in destroying food quality.


So the main company involved in trying to make us eat their untested, unknown garbage is MONSANTO. Their logo says

“BIO-TECHNOLOGY – innovation, collaboration, speed”.

I think it’s more like this:

gmos a monsanto parody

The rapists of Mother Earth – and all done for a profit.


Campo Fire

July 2014
My place

Go here for the full story on

Or here to see it on this site. (It’s better on Photobucket their reduction on here doesn’t work too well)


Snails & Hedgehogs & Frogs

Our menagerie has come on apace…

Well over at Jardimals we are tidying up the snail. So I thought I’d put a picture of Slippy the Snail and Eddie on here as this new sculpture furniture for gardens is driving me at the moment.

snail sculpture

Snail sculpture for Jardimals

hedgehog sculpture

Hedgehog feet for Jardimals

The Jardimals project continues with our frog. At the moment we aren’t quite finished but here are some pics of the beast under construction.

frog sculpture

The Jardimals frog

frog sculpture

frog sculpture

frog sculpture

Jardimals frog feet



The Jardimals project is to make sculpture as garden furniture. The feet of garden benches will all be the same height thereby giving the client a choice of asymmetrical feet of varying shape and design. To date we have a snail, a frog and a hedgehog. There are plenty more to come.

snail garden bench sculpture

A garden bench with snail feet

hedgehog sculpture

Eddie the hedgehog bench

Why Eddie?

Eddie Erizo – being spanish for our prickly friend

See more here



This was an A3 poster for an Arklow, Co. Wicklow band that recently disbanded after 20+ years.

gouache and ink poster

Those Lazy Babies

Produced quickly in gouache and ink.

See more here



Decorated furniture has been with us for centuries. Painted, carved, marquetry and lots more if you look around. Because of my trompe l’œil discipline I naturally gravitated to that side of the decoration. I have painted lots of furniture to commission over the years, and, in many ways, it’s my favourite.

On the furniture page you will see some of the examples that I managed to photograph. But this is a toilet seat with items painted on the lid. They are inexpensive and fun. Naturally the more on the seat the more it costs. With most painting and especially with trompe l’œil the money is in the details.

Painted directly onto a toilet seat

Painted directly onto a toilet seat for a gardner wife and electrician husband

See more here



Ambigrams are words that can be read normally or upside down. They were brought to fame by Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code. These were created with vectors and in some cases viewing them upside down gives a different word.

vector graphics ambigram

Ambigram on the spanish word “abuelita” – granny

See more here


Political? Maybe.

Not too sure about the New World Order and all its various alphabet agencies. I don’t do TV but when I do have the misfortune to see some it always strikes me as bizarre. It seems that there is a lot of bull being talked, to my mind. I have always seen the TV as a method of insidious programming, an electro-narcotic. All this scaremongering has lead to the birth of various alphabet agencies that are supposed to be working for us.

I have my doubts.

So here are a few political statements and parodies. Hope you like them.

vector graphics DHS

Parody on the USA’s control mechanism the DHS

See more here



I decided that Facebook’s profile pictures weren’t to my taste especially as they use facial recognition software. Call me paranoid but I don’t like my biometrics all over the place and included in passports and picture driver’s licenses, being clocked by CCTV. Couple that with all the GPS embedded meta data… well suffice it to say that I no longer use Facebook. I prefer to keep a slightly lower profile.

Result are these Facebook profile pictures for the wary.

Facebook profile avatar

Facebook avatars for the wary

facebook profile avatar

Facebook directed dreams

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Boredom set in

So living in Spain at the moment is dire. There is no work and even when one does find something everyone wants it for nothing. The only advantage to being here is that there are no heating bills, I can see the sea, the weather is… well better than the north of Europe. Nuff said.

So my boredom lead to some vector graphics of the rapidly approaching and anticipated summer vistas.

vector graphics female

Small bikini and torso study created in vector graphics

See more here



website design

Online African craft shop

Website design. No I can’t build you a site like Amazon but I can undertake sites for people that want a web presence. The site featured here took some 200 hours – but then there were a lot of products to include along with the resizing and optimising of photos for the web. On the websites page you will see other examples that are considerably smaller and quicker to produce.

I also have a good friend at PlusLocal that hosts all my sites for me. His servers are wicked fast and the support is impeccable and the price? Well I like it.

See more here


Logo design

I have to admit that I find logos hard to do – I tend to over complicate them. Never the less there are a couple with which I am happy.

Vector designed logo

Vector designed logo

See more here



I love guitars. They have female forms. And bearing that in mind I decided to undertake a series of painted guitars. The idea was that each guitar should be a beach view with a babe. So far I have to admit that 2 are painted and 2 are half done and 2 are primed and based ready to go. When I stop prevaricating I’ll finish them off.

painted guitar

RIO – painted guitar featuring Copacabana beach and a “menina”

This one is the famous Copacabana beach in Rio where I had the privilege of living for a while. The others, so far, feature Phuket, Frösakull and Mombasa in my country of birth. The remaining 2 are to be decided but I think they’ll be Australia somewhere and Costa Rica.

See more here


In the lap of the Gods

I like working in 3D but I don’t often get the chance to do it commercially. The case of the Buddha came about when decorating a Thai restaurant in Mijas Pueblo, Costa del Sol. I heard the owner complaining that he couldn’t get a big bronze Buddha from Thailand in time for the inauguration of the restaurant. I offered to build him one… he accepted.

buddha sculpture

Building the Buddha

It was built of plaster on an armature and then finished with a faux bronze patina. The faces of the Thai workers in the restaurant lit up and, I have to admit, I was blown away when they started praying and decorating Buddha’s space.

buddha sculpture

The finished Buddha with a bronze paint finish

Spread the love.


Faux Finish

faux painting

Faux bois on metal garage door

The art of the faux finish is to paint one surface to make it appear something else. In Victorian England cheap doors were grained to make them look as if made of oak or some other expensive wood. Similarly walls were painted to appear as if made of marble and other stone finishes.

Working in London in the 1980s saw a “reverse snobbery” taking place where the painted finishes were more expensive than the actual item. They became a social status and spawned many TV shows on how to paint faux finishes. Suddenly everyone was an expert!

See more here


Sign writing

Trompe l' oeil sign writing

Trompe l’ oeil sign writing

Sign writing is dying. Mostly people have computers and a vast array of (unused) fonts. It’s so much easier to go to the print shop and say I want a sign made up saying “El Secreto de la Abuela” or whatever and have it run off on sticky plastic.

Granted the sticky plastic has come a long way, it now incorporates UV filters and there are special varnishes that help with longevity too. But it has killed an art form. Could plastic get the anchor and shadows on this yellow wall?

Again – Now everyone’s an expert.

Some 20+ years on and this sign still exists! Sure the pub has been repainted but they left the sign. It’s a bit of a shame they painted the walls a pale beige/pink because the shadow colour was calculated for a yellow ground and doesn’t really work that well on the beige/pink.