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Graphics – Miscellaneous

This page contains various imagery, miscellaneous graphics, some used, some not. It also contains collage and photomontage, some computer generated some traditionally made. It’s a page of “odds and sods”
How would that make you feel?

These 5 collage and photomontage images were part of a set of 7. They were created for a project to do with love and changing thought to a more positive level. However the client’s hypocrisy meant that she was giving away my work on her website before actually paying for it. I am sill owed 212 hours work and had to resort to the law to safeguard my work and intellectual property. I realised that the site wasn’t so much about peace and love but more about ego and money.

She was asking 1€ a page to read her, not very interesting, biography.

I had the misfortune to have to read these “books” in order to arrive at imagery to include in the work. To my mind it was an ego polishing exercise and the books weren’t particularly interesting or well written. It certainly wasn’t worth 1€ a page to the punter. Approximately 5 years on and her site hasn’t changed a bit.

collage and photomontage new world order yellow brick road
There are 2 paths you can go by

collage and photomontage do we need god?
Do we need god?

collage and photomontage The state of the world
The state of the world

The music dances collage and photomontage
The music dances

collage and photomontage The ages of communication
The ages of communication

I ultimately realised that it was all a cynical manner to make a buck whilst preaching peace and love. I ask myself “how would that make your feel?” Once I have got shot of her personal imagery in the last two images I’ll post them here.

More photo-montage and collage

collage and photomontage the trapped dragonfly
La libelua encarcelada

The above image was created for one of the nicest ladies I have ever met. She was really ill with a terminal condition, and therefore imprisoned. She loved dragonflies.

The second collage and photomontage image, in the centre, was for another friend that had been betrayed by her partner and was depressed. I made her this image to try and give her a bit of courage to continue. The spanish says “god isn’t love, god is courage, love is the reward”.

collage and photomontage love is the reward
I want to be happy

magazine collage and photomontage The kiss
The kiss

Above is a collage of the traditional school. Paper, scissors, scalpels and glue and a mountain of magazines. Photoshop makes it too easy these days. You can resize and rotate, reflect and stretch images to suit. Cut-out is a much tougher discipline.

This next – under, was one of the first photo montages that I created in a computer. It was inspired by a book written by Robert Anton Wilson and Richard Shea. It was a Photoshop exercise. Many of my Photoshop montages can have literally hundreds of layers to create the desired effect.

collage and photomontage The Chapel Perilous
Chapel Perilous

I created this collage and photomontage for a beautiful woman, a friend of mine and the sister of a good friend sadly no longer with us. She then decided that she didn’t want her face in it.

Something to do with all the subliminal imagery that I included to do with her dreams and desires. It is virtually impossible to see any of it unless you know where to look and see the full sized original. So I changed her face to a skull – such a shame.

collage and photomontage Time passes dreaming
Time passes dreaming

tantra and catholicism
Tantric catholicism
The 12 houses

Political commentary

I am so tired of the farce that is politics! We still have wars. Nothing changes except more and more control of populations, more denying of civil liberties, more mindless rules, fewer jobs, less money (except for those in control), falling education standards and an increasingly programmed population.

When it all gets too much one of these type of images pop out

collage and photomontage Obama puppet
Another NWO puppet

As we vote in and vote out politicians I wonder if you notice that nothing really changes?

They are simply puppets for the Military Industrial Complex and multi-national corporations whose remit is to make a profit at the cost of the world. The politician is simply to give the illusion that we have some say in the matter.


collage and photomontage Speak softly and carry a big gun
Speak softly and carry a big gun

Above: This was inspired by Tony Blair, the ex Prime Minster of the UK and a war criminal, having given the ok for an illegal war in which hundreds of thousands of innocents were massacred.

On losing his office to the next lot of puppets he was then appointed as a peace negotiator to the Israel/Lebanon fiasco. He then accepted (if memory serves) $4·5 million from the Israelis – I wonder where his allegiances lay?

collage and photomontage monsanto parody
Monsanto – the rapists of nature

Then we have corporations like MONSANTO (now part of BAYER who were part of IG FARBEN, the mob that made the gas for the Nazi concentration camps). They want to control us via GMO food. They patent nature. You can’t patent something that isn’t your original idea or product. But then again the government of the USA supports this so ¡all’s good! This is a parody of their logo.

Planned obsolescence

collage and photomontage capitalism and waste
Capitalism is a wonderful waste of resources

The collage and photomontage under was created for a website on alternative thinking. Unfortunately it no longer exists. It had some good stuff there.

collage and photomontage Unconventional thought
UNCONVENTIONALREALMS – unconventional thought

The alphabet agencies

These two logo parodies are in honour of the American “security agencies” whose real remit is to exert more control over us.

Take the time to google the CIA’s track record in global politics, they have destabilised more countries and regimes than they have helped, they have caused more problems for the world than virtually any group since the Holy Roman Church’s Inquisitions.

To my mind they are the World’s PREMIER TERRORIST organisation.

vector graphics DHS
Parody on the USA’s control mechanism the DHS

vector graphics CIA
Parody on the world’s favourite terrorist organisation

Same old game

collage and photomontage Peace and poppies
Peace and poppies

This montage was created as a result of all the bull that is talked over what’s going on in Afghanistan.

You may remember President Obama’s promise to bring the boys home when he was competing for office? He didn’t bring them home – he sent more. Caught in the lie and no one cares.

Ain’t it great when the leaders of nations can lie with impunity?

So in the late sixties we had the Vietnam war. Started by the “Gulf of Tonkin Affair” that has now been proved to have NEVER existed.

During this war many thousands of people on both sides lost their lives or were maimed on behalf of “The Military Industrial Complex” and its insane quest for money over life. The CIA fought for control of the Golden Triangle and ran heroin back to the USA helping to addict thousands of people back home. This is all documented – don’t take my word for it.

Today we have Afghanistan. Ostensibly the NATO forces are there to stop the flow of heroin. However (when I last checked) there is more “smack” in Europe since our beloved “The Military Industrial Complex” decided they needed to study guerrilla warfare. Our “boys” are dying guarding the poppy fields. The Mujahideen were actually making a better job of restricting the flow of heroin than NATO are.

Makes one wonder what the real agenda is?

vectors and photos
Same game, different players

Presumably, in the usual American way, the subtle knock on the door with a 28lbs. sledghammer, this is all just a re-run of Vietnam? Granted the terrain has changed. But that keeps the troops on their feet and up to date. The product is the same. HEROIN. The income, one imagines, is used as it was before, to fund deniable black ops. And all of this so that the good ol’ US of A can FORCE a “free market economy”, which is far from “free”, on peoples that don’t want it. Sovereign States, are apparently not allowed to make their own decisions. We must have americas demented quest for “money” whether we want it or not.

Hidden empire?