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White genocide

Daesh or ISIS – White genocide?

White genocide is a subject discussed more and more on the internet these days. Slogans such as “Diversity is a code word for white genocide” can be found easily. There are a number of sites discussing the subject. [1] [2]. The first site has a number of links to white genocide topics, the second link is a YouTube talk. You can also find tons of sites debunking the idea.

At the end of the day it’s personal opinion until something is proven.

However I have noticed that if a black person or a jew is proud of their ethnic origin – that’s cool. If a white is proud of their ethnic origin, we are racist, anti-semitic, bigoted, neo-nazis and more. And I just wonder how come a white person is discriminated against when they stand up for their culture and racial origins?

White genocide became more likely when America funded rebels in Libya after they decided they wanted Libya’s gold and oil they decided to kill Muammar Gaddafi (who had been a fairly good boy for a while). In the process they created ISIS (also an Egyptian goddess), now known as Daesh.

Daesh Muslims…

seem to want to return to the 7th century Islamic law and its values. Result: millions of Arab peoples in disagreement with their unforgiving ethos fleeing to Europe.

It’s fairly obvious that the strict Muslim way does not really fit with the European way of life and, increasingly, we are being forced to be adopt ways and mores that aren’t ours.

White Genocide EU

Already in Stockholm there are no go areas. Germany has removed pork form menus in schools and canteens for fear of offending migrants [1][2][3].

Is this right? I mean after all they have chosen to live in our countries.

Increasingly I read and hear on the net the talk of racism against whites. I must admit it makes me think.

I live in Spain. I adopt their laws, language, diet and way of life. It was my choice to move here. Do I have the right to dictate to the Spaniards that they should change their culture to fit with a native english speaker?