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Spoof logos of the big boys

Spoof logos of the globalist masters

Pepsi Penis Parody
Pepsi Penis Parody

Enough said!

I just LOVE taking well known marks, labels, and making spoof logos of our trans-national globalist masters, and twisting them. Be interesting to see if the BIG BOYS decide to take it out on a impoverished artist.

spoof logos macdonalds
Masturbate – I’m lovin’ it

For this spoof I went with their old slogan “Millions satisfied”. The “I’m lovin´it” slogan was used on the spanish version of the logo. The fact that the english I’m lovin’ it is appalling english doesn’t seem to worry this big restaurant. Guess it just demonstrates the falling standard of… food for the mind and body?

McRant “I’m loathin’ it” supersnail-button-en

spoof logos cochito cola coke
Come Chochito

These Coke parodies were created in spanish where their slang for vagina lends itself to the manipulation of their type font. I could have done it in english but our “C” word is way too short and the effect would have been lost.

Deffinition rant supersnail-button-en

Put a tiger in your pussy

My take on Standard Oil’s Esso logo. Again, this one only really works in spanish. “Pon un tigre en tu conejo” would translate as put a tiger in your pussy. The spanish use conejo (bunny) where we use the word pussy. I don’t think you’ll need me to translate sexo?

Sounds like an all-nighter to me.

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Alphabet Agencies

spoof logos vector graphics DHS
Parody on the USA’s control mechanism the DHS

These two logo parodies were created in honour of the alphabet agencies of the USA. It seems that few people in America can see that these agencies are really just a means of removing your civil liberties.

Yeah yeah yeah rant supersnail-button-en

spoof logos vector graphics CIA
Parody on the world’s favourite terrorist organisation

A few quick googles will give massive amounts of CIA misbehaviour. I’ll include two here. [ 1 ] and [ 2 ] but there are literally thousands.

Interesting rant supersnail-button-en

Makes me think – I hope it makes you think too.

Agencies purporting to protect our food and medicine

spoof logos monsanto bio rapists
Bio rapists without a clue what will happen

Creating spoof logos of these august bodies that tell us that they have our best interests in mind is to me important, people need to know what they really do. They really only have their buddies in the big corporations in mind.


Testing rant supersnail-button-en

european food safety - yeah right
European Food Safety Authority

The European Food Safety Authority – well they are just committed to corporate friends and crony capitalism. Load of rubbish is talked about herbal medicine not being tested and this food is or isn’t safe.

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spoof logos FTC
The Federal Trade Commission

I mentioned the FDA in my rant here – they gave aspartame the go ahead too. And the Federal Trade Commission – well they are much the same as the EFSA insofar as it’s all about crony capitalism. Spoof logos of all of them were done to try and draw attention to the fact that they don’t really benefit YOU.


Council on Foreign Relations parody
Private members club
Shafting the world

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank (from their website), into eugenics and controlling the world. The CFR is the promotional arm of the Ruling Elite in the United States of America. Most influential politicians, academics and media personalities are members, and it uses its influence to infiltrate the New World Order into American life. [1].

Felix Frankfurter, Justice of the Supreme Court (1939-1962), said: “The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.”


Bayer, Monsanto and the SS

I wrote the rant supersnail-button-en

I’m currently working on this logo but I’ve had a lot on recently so, as we say in Ireland, it’s got put on the long finger for a while.


Bayer, Monsanto, I.G.Farben, SS
Place holder for a new one coming soon