cochito cola coke parody

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A few more logo parodies on our well loved globalists.

macdonalds logo parodies
Masturbate – I’m lovin’ it

esso-logo- logo parodies
Put a tiger in your pussy

Granted the spanish word for our “C” word lends itself to the logo parodies of the Coke mark. But the Mickey D logo parodies work in both languages. By the way, come in spanish means eat.

My feelings are that as long as these companies continue to claim that their products are “good for you” I’ll keep producing parodies of them. Take 5 minutes to google how much sugar is in a can of coke and how much sugar is recommended for a healthy body. I think you’ll be surprised. Also – go to McDonalds site and see how much sugar is in a medium shake. Mums, you are poisoning your kids at that birthday party.

The Esso or Standard Oil logo only works in spanish too. Pon un tigre en tu conejo is how the spanish would say put a tiger in your pussy. Here in Spain they use bunny instead of pussy.

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