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Mont Saint Michél

Normandy, N.W. France

Mont Saint Michél is an island community 600m off the N. W. Normandy coast and used to only be accessed at low tide via a causeway. It has been an area of strategic fortification since the 8th century.

Originally Mont Saint Michél was constructed under the feudal system with the abbey and lords living at the top of the mount and the peasant fisherfolk on the shore. This town remained unconquered during the 100 years war and a small garrison held of the full attempted English attack in 1433.

Later, under King Louis XI it was converted into a prison because of its difficult access and egress.

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Strangely enough there is an English version of this town called Saint Michael’s Mount in Cornwall (see here). It looks similar and is also linked via a causeway to the mainland. There are numerous legends connecting the two towns, and example of some can be seen on this page

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Now designated a UNESCO site of historic interest, Mont Saint Michél can receive more than 3 million visitors a year.

Mont Saint Michél in UK

St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, England