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Barcelona area

Catalunya… (it’s how they spell it.)

I lived for a while up near Barcelona. The city is divided into three basic areas. Barcelona is in the middle of Badalona which is to the north and l’Hospialet de Llobregat to the south. You don’t notice the change from one area to the other, a huge conurbation.

I lived in a village called Tiana slightly to the north of Badalona. A beautiful village nestled in the hills over looking the sea some 3km distant.

Most of these photos of the area are all jumbled up, some being from up the coast in a place called Calella, others of Gaudí’s architecture, and the remainder from around Tiana.

I loved Catalonia, I found the people a little more serious and reliable than the southern Spaniard, the “mañana” ethos doesn’t apply up there. Barcelona is truly a cosmopolitain European city. Unlike where I am now, which is simply tourist town.

The catalan language is similar to both spanish and french. I found it easy enough to understand and read but never learned to speak it. They do not use the ñ prefering the “ny” combination seen above, and their accents on vowels go the opposite way from in castellano. And they are still not keen on the Castilian people.

My biggest laugh there was that all the days of the week begin with the letter D. Making calendars a tad more difficult than the norm.

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Days of the week
Monday Dilluns
Tuesday Dimarts
Wednesday Dimecres
Thursday Dijous
Friday Divendres
Saturday Dissabte
Sunday Diumenge