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Borth – Ceredigion

Pictures taken of Borth Ceredigion, Wales.

In 2015 I was forced to return to the UK for medical reasons. The Spanish government – read the Partido Popular or the PP decided to change the rules on EU citizens effectively making me a stateless citizen.

My home is in Spain and has been here since 2000 but I was denied health care unless I paid for it – nearly €24,000 because of a heart attack. The decision was reversed on political grounds and not through any form of altruism on the Spanish system. Nevertheless I still have no access to a doctor here.

An old school friend invited me to stay for as long as was necessary. This gave me the chance to get out with my camera and take photos of Borth in County Ceredigion in the middle of the winter. The first day that I arrived we had winds of up to 120mph followed by hurricane Imogen. All good fun.

Here are some of the results of that stay.

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Panorama multi-shots of Borth

These shots of Borth are made up of a number of photos “stitched” together to make panoramas. Taking panorama sequences is one of my favourite types of photography especially when the rectangular form of the photo is abandoned by adding landscape and portrait style shots together.

Panoramas open a new way of looking through the viewfinder and getting away from that rigid rectangular frame of the conventional photo.

See these panoramas in better detail at Photobucket.com