album cover design

CD and DVD

I always wanted to design an album cover. I eventually got the chance to do two. I was also asked to produce covers for Aikido instructional DVDs

This album cover was created about 2 foot square in a traditional collage method. Lots of magazines, scalpels, scissors and glue. It was for the band The Beautiful People who enjoyed some success in the early 90s with the album “If 60s were 90s“. They managed to obtain the rights to use Jimi Hendrix samples. As part of the “party scene” in the 90s, they were contemporary with Oasis, The Stone Roses and my favourites Alabama 3 (known as A3 in the USA).

On asking for a brief as to what they would like on the album cover I was told “you know what we like, women, sex, drugs and music”. One of the easiest briefs I have ever been given.

I also had the chance of jamming with some of these guys – brilliant fun.

The other covers I designed can be seen on this page.