vector graphics ambigram


The Ambigram is a word or words that can be read normally or upside down. They were brought to fame in Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code. These ambigrams were created with vectors and in some cases viewing them upside down gives a different word.

This particular image contains the word abuelita, the spanish for grandmother. It was inspired by a woman I met in Costa Rica who was a grandmother but didn’t look like she was old enough to have grandchildren. I have changed this particular image into an animated gif so that you can see the letters both ways up. It is a bit difficult to see it changing because the word remains the same, but if you keep an eye on the background you’ll see that it changes while the lettering remains the same.

The artist John Langdon is to my mind one of the best ambigram creators and his work can be seen on his website. The link opens in a new window.

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