collage or photo montage


When I am not working for someone I like to create what I still call “collage”. I guess the word stems from the days when I used to use loads of magazines, scissors, scalpels and glue. These days it is way easier on the computer. However the computer does take some of the discipline out of the collage as the images are resizable, editable and they can be flipped horizontally or vertically which of course couldn’t be done with a physical cut-out.

Probably a better term than collage would be photo-montage. This is an art form that I like immensely and was originally inspired but the British artist Penny Slinger whom I met briefly in the 1970s.

I was asked to create some of these collages for a website. Unfortunately the client didn’t think it was worth paying me for my work, so it all got quite nasty with intellectual rights being invoked and lawyers being contacted. You can see some of those images on this page. Originally these images referenced the client. Naturally I have removed her and repositioned elements more to my taste than what was commissioned. There are still a couple of images outstanding that really don’t lend themselves to being used with out the client references”

These collage images are how I like to express my thoughts and feelings and are probably my only true artistic output. I always class myself as a technician with a paint brush not an artist.

There is more of this type of imagery on this page.