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I decided that the Facebook profile picture wasn’t to my taste especially as they now use facial recognition software to offer you tags. Call me paranoid but I don’t like my biometric details all over the place and included in passports and picture driver licenses, being analysed by CCTV. Couple that with all the GPS embedded meta data… well suffice it to say that I no longer use Facebook. I prefer to keep a slightly lower profile. My personal opinion is that one has to be naive to assume that the various intelligence agencies around the world aren’t monitoring these social media networks.

Result are these Facebook profile pictures for the wary. Helping you to keep a little anonymity. But they aren’t much use if you then go and tag yourself or let others tag you.

facebook profile avatar
Facebook directed dreams

The newest release of the Macintosh OS has a cutesy device called “Siri”. Siri allows you to talk to your computer to do searches and web searches and much more, but it also uses your location and, worst of all, sends your speech pattern to Apple (read Micro$oft too, as they are now major owners of Apple) for analysis to help with your searches. So now your biometrics and speech patterns are now on record. All these companies share your data with “trusted companies” (read their terms and conditions). They don’t tell you which companies these are, but it does mean that at the very least you get served with advertising that is “suitably tailored for you“. So now you are encouraged to buy from whomever Mac, Micro$oft and Facebook think you should buy from.

Already the ever paranoid USA is wanting to include your social media accounts on their visa application forms (see these links [1] and [2]). Do you think they would believe me when I say “I don’t do social media”? Nearly everyone has at least one social media account. It is therefore my opinion that if you want to maintain a little privacy in your life, that these facebook profile pictures are at least a way to minimise the hits on your biometrics.

There are lots more of these Facebook profile pictures here and I encourage people to use them. Incidentally, this is the most visited page on this site.