La Ley Mordaza, The gag law.

La Ley Mordaza

The Gag Law

Outlawing public opinion in Spain

La Ley Mordaza or more correctly Citizen Safety Bill is a GAG LAW

So we have regressed to the time of Franco and his fascist regime.

The reality is that La Ley Mordaza is just one more in a series of highly repressive actions by state institutions against Spain’s autonomous social movements [1]. Designed to keep us robots in place and to deny us our rights to free speech, to demonstrate against the repressive fascist regime that has been reinstalled, to complain about police corruption, crimes and misdemeanours.

People are already being prosecuted for photographing police or complaining on Facebook about police ineptness. As can be seen here [1] and here [2].

Is this tyranny?

This of course means that the police in Spain again have the right to beat or rape you and you have no recourse in law.

Yes this is tyranny.

This writer, Belen Fernandez, writing for Aljazeera, pretty much hits the nail on the head in her article Outlawing public opinion in Spain

The New World Order in action folk.

Time to wake up? Maybe this page of my anti-NWO graphics will ring a bell and stimulate some questions?