Jardimals hedgehog bench sculpture

Snails & Hedgehogs & Frogs

Our garden furniture menagerie has come on apace…

Well over at Jardimals we are experimenting with different garden furniture. The idea was to make functional garden sculpture. We started with garden benches but there are plenty of other ideas in the bag.

So far we have developed a snail, a frog and a hedgehog. The idea is that the feet of the benches be interchangeable. I figured that this would cause fewer matrimonial arguments. The feet are all the same height (38cm) which means you can mix and match. The bench seat is 7cm thick and made with reinforcing inside. This brings the total height to 45cm or approximately the height of a standard dining chair.

By the way, the name Jardimals comes from the spanish word for garden – Jardín and the word Animals.

You can find more about this garden furniture project here on this site or you can go to the Jardimals site here