monsanto parody

GMOs – the ticking time-bomb

Bio engineering GMOs – safety first.

monsanto bio rapists
Bio rapists without a clue what will happen

Do you think that a bunch of bio-engineers whose remit is to make GMOs at a profit at any cost (we will pay the cost, it seems like the first mutations in human placentas are occurring in the Indonesian Archipelago possibly as a result of GM soya.) are to be trusted with out FOOD!

I mean, come on folks, what we put in our bodies is pretty fundamental. Tomatoes with fish genes? Super-mutant weeds causing havoc with water courses.

Only in America is a pizza classed as a VEGETABLE.

Yes folks, you heard right, A VEGETABLE.

Quick aside: did you also know that in the good ol’ US of A that 13 people die every hour due to food related diseases and ignorance? Personally I’d take a look at microwaves and their role in destroying food quality.


So the main company involved in trying to make us eat their untested, unknown garbage is MONSANTO. Their logo says

“BIO-TECHNOLOGY – innovation, collaboration, speed”.

I think it’s more like this:

gmos a monsanto parody
The rapists of Mother Earth – and all done for a profit.