Graphic Design

graphic design - letter heads

Graphic design is a field of art that is sometimes referred to as Communication Design. In most cases a client hires an artist to produce a finished piece of artwork often in conjunction with a third party – for example a printer or programmers.

This field includes illustrators, package designers, sign-writers and many more. Their job is to present the public with visual imagery to perform specific tasks. A product package designer for example will strive to present the product in an attractive and functional way to the consumer hopefully enabling his client, the manufacturer, to gain more sales, corner a larger share of the market, raise the product’s profile in the eyes of the consumer, possibly reducing the production costs on the packaging in the process.

Often instructions of some sort will be included in the package. Assembly or mounting of the product. It is imperative that this information be presented in a clear, concise way in order that the consumer is able to follow these instructions. We have all seen examples of instructions being translated from oriental languages. More often than not these instructions are useless or provide comedic relief from the task in hand.

These days a significant amount of graphic design is carried out on computers. With the advent of sophisticated bit-map, vector and computer aided design programs on the market and the need to supply finished art work to the end producer in an electronic form, the modern graphic designer has had to add computer/program use to their skill sets. However, on questioning, one will find that the majority of these designers still start off with a pencil and paper. When the idea reaches a stage with which the client is satisfied the imagery is frequently imported into a computer for finishing.

We live in a consumer based world with examples of graphic art or communication design around us all the time. Many objects have a corporate branding logo on them. Magazines (themselves) contain advertising, coupons, layout, illustration all of which have been assembled and created by graphic designers. This web page alone contains html layout elements, graphic images to illustrate points, typography, logos, and icon/button design. A walk down your local high street will produce hundreds of examples. Graphic design is a much unnoticed part of life.

On the following pages of this site you will see various examples of graphic art ranging from poster design to T-shirt design. The field of graphic design is enormous with specialists in many sub-categories. Most graphic designers have multi disciplines, logo design and typography, photography and layout design, sign writing and illustration in various combinations and cross-over disciplines.