Graphic communication

Print graphics – Stationery, menus, logos, posters, flyers, cards, promotion…

This page contains many types of graphic communication, from posters to business cards. Some of the newer ones were created in the computer. Others were made using more traditional methods that existed before the advent of the desktop computer and its virtual domination of the graphic communication market.

TexMex Restaurant in Mijas Costa – Costa del Sol

The Ponderosa Roadhouse

Below we have the inner and outer of a 3 spread, triptych menu for the Ponderosa Roadhouse on the Costa del Sol. Created in vectors in CMYK colours ready for print. This is graphic communication at its basic, if you don’t understand the menu what are you going to eat?

The food was gorgeous. I did all the photos for their menus too. Saari, the owner had to make all the dishes and I had to photograph them and eat them. Christmas come early.

The Ponderosa Road House cocktail list.

print layout
Ponderosa cocktail menu

The Ponderosa’s cocktails were strong and reasonably priced. One of my perks for being the local artist in residence was that the barmaids always gave me shot glasses of what was left over from a mix. Those were the good ol’ days.

And how to get to this bohemian establishment with it’s blues jams and music nights…

print layout
Ponderosa flyer

Letterheads and Compliment slips – CYMK colour space

Three examples of compliment slips. The Mochdre Day Nursery, Newtown, Powys was more of a nursery and drop in centre for latch-key kids. TV, PlayStations etc. along with a crèche for the toddlers. The
art work was made with CMYK spot colours.

The second,a compliment slip for Deep6, a ROV operation on the Costa del Sol. Including yacht inspection, object recovery from harbours and marinas. The phone may be useless but the SIM and SD are probably ok.

I designed this compliment slip and the business cards to look like an orange browser and to tie in with the online shop that is featured here and also in the business cards below.

Various business cards – CYMK colour space

  • Blue Sky estate agents of Los Boliches on the Costa del Sol.
  • Six variants of a business card for a Café on National Trust Property in Witshire, UK.
  • Two business cards for a gîte in France who also ran a online web shop selling African arts and crafts. I also built the online shop website which is linked above on the compliment slip section. The website has since been re-built to accommodate mobile devices.
  • Call cabins, WiFi and internet access are provided by N340net in the Fuengirola area of Spain. The premises were equipped for fast online gaming. At very low prices, lots of youngsters would be in there causing mayhem in the cyber-world.
  • Two particularly uninteresting variants on a business card for a body-work, mechanics and paint shop. The Merc is from the net, he specified the model, and I zapped it in Photoshop to change the colours. Bread and butter but not too much fun on this one.

Logo designs

The logos above are some that I have created over the years. Most of the businesses no longer exist.

  • An online trading company on the Costa del Sol. These businesses come and go. I wish I still had some of the graphics I produced for and online escort service, they were fun.
  • Again, some more of the “corporate identity” for Bazaar Africa. This is the online shop logo. It has since been changed and no longer features the hoopoe.
  • This logo was for the gîte part of the operation. Collectively known as Hoopoe Hideaway (because of the garden birds, quick look here and Bazaar Africa brought to you by Hoopoe Hideaway because the shop was a sub-domain of the gîte site. Now Bazaar Africa has its own URL
  • This is my logo. Granted this one is computer generated but it comes from my painting days. This mark is how I used to sign murals and trompe l’œil work in the 1990s. It is an easy shape to brush on and has a distinctive shape – a little like a snail.
  • Made for a MaD friend known as “Anglecakes”. Enough said.
  • I practised Aikido with this dojo for a number of years. It hasn’t existed for a while now. Shame, the sensei was good. I hated all the differing fonts… but sometimes you can’t argue.
  • A revamped logo for Satya Dhaam Farm in Uttar Pradesh, India. The old logo was the same design but flat. I added shine and 3D to it to make it look a little more “21st century”.
  • Property Management Zone – creating an income from your holiday home on the Costa del Sol.
  • La Pilar – logo for a shop in Córdoba.

Various posters

The first poster was for company on the Costa del Sol selling “bling-bling” jewellery for little girls or wannabes. I was surprised at how nice and well priced some of this stuff was. I took all the photos in this poster and edited them all up to arrive at the composite. Text elements were added in Illustrator.

The second poster design was conceptualised by my colleague Stuart Mortimer and realised by me using vectors and bitmap images. The film was to be about a serial killer gathering his victims via eBay and strangling them with guitar stings. The catch line was It’s cool to be cruel”

The third poster was part of the rave scene on the Costa featured below. This poster was in two languages with the inauguration night being an alien theme night. It was surprisingly fun.I also painted some back-drops with fluorescent paint to react with the UV lights which can be seen here.

The Alien Nation – Costa del Sol rave scene

The Alien Nation rave scene Easter party and Castle party.

Early days on the Costa del Sol, when it was cheap and there was work. Fuengirola has an old Arab castle. El Castillo Sohail which is used as a music venue. As with most of Spain this venue has now been converted into a place where the rich and wealthy can enjoy music. It used to be affordable before the PP (Partido Popular – a misnomer if ever there was one) and the local Ayuntamiento got their hands on it. Wages are appalling, unemployment is rife and tickets can cost as much as a day’s pay.

Those Lazy Babies – Arklow

The poster was created for the Arklow band Those Lazy Babies. It was supplied as a two colour separation on A2 paper.

traditional two colour separation - graphic communication
Poster for “Those Lazy Babies” – Music in Arklow

The second picture is the original drawing from which the separations were made in black and red gouache. The following two pictures are the two separations for the poster, one black one red. The red would have been printed up and the black then registered to the red for the black ink pass. Some 20 years on they are still using this poster.

The image below was a quick A3 poster for the same band. Left with the space at the bottom to hand write the date and venue.

These graphics were produced before the days of home PCs. Hand lettered and hand coloured, it was a completely different discipline from today’s graphics. Basic knowledge of printing processes and registration techniques were needed.

gouache and ink poster
Those Lazy Babies

Two more Arklow bands

The first poster is a pen, ink, pencil and gouache on A3 paper. The birds and the music notes make up the name Magpie. The second was for Ború – A traditional Irish band named after Brian Ború the first king of Eire. This is also an A3 poster designed to be taped to lampposts etc. As can be seen this poster was used for a gig at the Orphan Girl pub in Ballymoney, Co. Wexford. I supplied this poster as a two colour separation as above with Those Lazy Babies. Both these posters were pre-computer days. Hand lettering was a skill that came from sign writing. These days most sign writing is done with tacky plastic printed off from the computer. While the plastics have improved over the years, the life expectancy of these plastic signs is much shorter than the painted variety. Brushes hardly ever enter into the discipline any longer. Yet another dying art.

The image below is a composite image. It was created for the back of a camper van. The finished image was supplied to the printer and was run off on the same material that is used for the advertising on buses and taxis. The image was then stuck on the camper van. It measured 1.20m x 0-90m.

Poster design
Poster design for the back of a camper van

CD and DVD covers

Cover illustration features Sensei Gareth Jones in his youth. “Ai Hammi, Gyaku Hammi, Kata Dori Men Uchi – A treatise by Sensei Gareth Jones. Not a title to roll off the tongue. It was decided not to use the second cover for possible copyright infringement because of the photo of Sensi Morihei Ueshiba, the creator of the style. I think less than 20 were sold. The third cover was never used. The Sensei thought that it made him look like a cartoon. I felt that it conveyed the spherical motions of good Aikido.

Music CDs

The Beautopia album cover was created pre computer days as a collage using magazine cut-outs and lots of glue.

The Ború cover was created with pen and ink, the fonts were hand drawn. In both cases the original artwork was about 60cm square. The bodhran that can be seen in Tommy Breen’s hands was one I decorated. (Have a look here). He never paid me for my work. Ho hum.

album cover design
Beautiful People CD cover
album cover design
Ború – trad Irish band CD cover