Personalised websites

This page contains a few of the personalised websites I have designed and had hosted for small businesses and individuals. Some have since disappeared into the ether which is a shame.

In general, what people don’t realise is that having a website is all well and good but it doesn’t mean Google will rank it or display it. If you only require a web presence in order to store a portfolio (like this site) or somewhere to refer a customer – fair enough. But if you are running an online shop or service you NEED to create pertinent content and you NEED links to your site from other sites. Google only ranks sites that its crawlers (bots) can reach via links. In other words – you may have the best whizz bang site in the universe, but if you have no links to it then it’s not going to get found. Buying links will get you penalised by Google so don’t even go there.

Property Management Zone website

Property Management Zone are a company that helps you to earn money by renting out your Costa del Sol property or apartment while you aren’t using it. They’ll take care of the upkeep, cleaning, mail, the lot. Then they’ll make sure your earnings are legal.

Property Management Zone website
Property Management Zone website

The website is in english and Spanish. It runs SSL encryption and is fully mobile responsive. The staff are bilingual.

Martin Lynch personalised website

This website was put together for Martin Lynch, a singer songwriter from Arklow, Co. Wicklow. The site contains the usual bio and also original music and videos of his band “Those Lazy Babies”

I built this website from the ground up in HTML and CSS with a tiny bit of PHP. Nowadays I use WordPress. Only the imagery and music were supplied by Martin and in both cases had to be cropped or optimised for the net.

Bazaar Africa 1.1

These personalised websites for the online African craft shop were commissioned to change from physical premises to an online mail-order business. They are now in their second generation. They specialise in east African crafts of all kinds and where possible try and help projects and charities that empower employment in areas of extreme poverty.

In both examples everything was custom designed and then built on the WordPress platform. All the logos, background repeats, buttons etc I made in Photoshop and Illustrator.

The left picture is the home page and the right hand one of the product pages.

Bazaar Africa 1.2

Bazaar Africa has had a redesign including:

  • SSL and an https URL. Keeping your data safe.
  • Secure Sockets Layer is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a website (server) and your a browser, or your e-mail server
  • New responsive design – for handheld devices.

Hoopoe Hideaway

French gite

personalised websites design gite
French gite website

Personalised websites worked well for advertising a rural French gîte in south west France. Cheap to mount and with all the online booking facilities.

Close to Limoges, it has beautiful views and walks all around.

Nearby is the town of Angoulême. Heaven for people like me. The town is known for its murals every where and its Comics and Comic-book museum.

The Property Management Zone – vacant holiday property rental

PropertyManagementZone or PMZ is a Costa del Sol based company specialising in renting out your holiday property when you aren’t using it and generating you a bit of extra income. They take care of all the legal requirements of renting. They’ll alleviate the stress of Spanish bureaucracy (which, believe you me, is a nightmare). They’ll even build you and host a small website to advertise your holiday home on Facebook etc. for a small and reasonable extra fee.

Property Management Zone website
Property Management Zone website
Property Management Zone logo
Property Management Zone logo

I designed their logo, their flyers and their website. The site is in english and spanish. It runs on a SSL URL (which is explained above) meaning that your data is safe and encrypted.

Unconventional thinking

These two personalised websites were for the unconventional thinker. A lot of people would say conspiracy theory. My view is there’s no smoke without a fire.

There are some stories and reports out there that would test the credulity of an epsilon semi-moron, (to plagiarise Aldous Huxley’s terminology). Others stories have been proven to be plain lies. My view of the world tends not to be via the electro-narcotic called TV, but by reading. And sometimes it’s on sites like these.

Unconventional Realms

personalised websites unconventional realms
Alternative thinking an NWO website

This link links to a collage I created for the Unconventional Realms sites.

Time to Awaken

personalised websites design
Alternative thinking website

The first site also contained a small eBook that could be downloaded for more detailed explanations. Unfortunately it seems that this site no longer exists.

Welsh driving school website

personalised websites bala driving
Driving school website

Bala Driving School website is a small quick website, an online advert. It also has the facility to contact the owner, book classes etc. There are downloadable materials such as The UK Highway Code.


personalised websites jardimals
Jardimals garden furniture

Jardimals – garden furniture with a difference. This website is currently in 6 languages. We are working on more.

Right: this site. I wanted it to have a “Pinterest/Instagram” feel, so I chose a “masonry” front page. The photo page also has a masonry layout.


Lawn recolouring service

GrassyUs website for a lawn and grass re-colouring service in Panamá.

This company resprays you burnt lawn with a pigment that doesn’t wear or fade, only cutting will remove it. For those special occasions when you want your grass to be green.

Website in two languages.

Neptune Pool Solutions

Neptune Pool Solutions - Panamá
Neptune Pool Solutions – Panamá
Neptune Pool Solutions - Panamá - mobile friendly
Neptune Pool Solutions – Panamá – mobile friendly

Website in english and spanish for a pool leak detection company in Panamá. Very simple – frontpage, photos and videos, contact was all the client required for his personalised websites.

Due to Google now ranking more highly mobile and handheld device sites, all my new sites are fully responsive.

That said, there are so many different devices out there on the market that it is hard to get it right all the time. Screen sizes vary enormously.

SuperSnail Art

SuperSnail website
SuperSnail Art
3rd generation.

In this space I want to keep a record of how my website changes over the years. It’s a shame I never took screenshots of the first incarnations.

SuperSnail Art 4th gen website
SuperSnail Art
4th generation

I changed the front page a few years ago to a masonry layout and started to include my comments. I’m pretty certain they’ll annoy most but there again they lead to the work found in this site.

SuperSnail Art 4th gen responsive website
SuperSnail Art 4th generation responsive website

SuperSnailArtThis is the 5th generation layout of the SuperSnailArt site. Again I went for a masonry type layout to make the landing page more colourful. Each picture links to a page with a short piece of text about the image. Usually there is a further link asking you if you want to go to a main page that has further examples of this kind of work.

At present I’m redesigning the site again but not to take the place of this site but as a sub-domain off this site. The reason: this site has become a bit “bloggy” with my views on the state of the world etc. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. We have apparently a right to free speech. But I decided that if I want to show prospective clients my work, then maybe it’s best to have a site that doesn’t go off into the political sphere and solely deals with the art and graphics. To that end I’m woking on my “portfolio site” which you can see by clicking the link. There’s nothing different except from the verbal waffle.