India – Sign writing a logo

Logo Sign Writing at Satya Dhaam

Well I’m in India CouchSurfing (or maybe it’s WorkAway). I promised I’d do some sign writing and paint a logo for Satya Dhaam in exchange for a bit of help with my visa. Here’s the logo.

This little video is a time lapse over the five days it took to do the sign writing. The logo had already been designed but I re-vamped it and made it a bit 3D. The weather was freezing as you can see in parts of the footage. However as the day wore on it did warm up a bit. The logo was on the north west side of the building meaning that most of the day was spent in the shade.

Sign writing from the flat copy graphic

sign writing a logo in india
Satya Dhaam logo

I took Satya Dhaam’s flat copy art work and re-vamped it in Illustrator first. The new version is now the new logo. The logo was then scaled up for painting on the building. Using a little bit of trompe l’œil techniques, I added shine and shadows to try and make the logo/signwriting come alive.