Vector Graphics

Vector graphic illustrations

Vector graphics differ from bitmap graphics, and a lot of people don’t know the difference between the two.

Vectors hold their information, shape, colour and position with mathematical formulae. Bitmaps store pixel information, what colour and brightness the pixel is and how it relates to the colour and brightness of the pixels around it. If you zoom in on a bitmap image you start to see the pixels. Vector graphics can be enlarged pretty much as much as wanted with no loss of definition because the information is held with mathematical formulae which takes up less space than holding all the colour density and their relationships information of a bitmap.

There are a number of programs that will edit these types of image, the Adobe suite being pretty much the industry standard. Adobe Illustrator handles vector graphics and Adobe Photoshop is the bitmap editor. There are open source programs that will do this too. Inkscape is the vector program and Gimp is the one used for bitmaps.

My preferred program is Illustrator because you can “draw”. Photoshop has extended it’s capabilities to use vectors, but remains predominantly a bitmap editor

Well, summer is on the way here and fairly soon the beach, seven minutes walk from my apartment, will be filled with views similar to these.

The sap is rising and I decided that I’d make a couple of bikini studies in vectors to see how realistic an image I could generate, how close to a bitmap I could get the illustrations.

vector illustration
Wendy in vectors

This image is of a friend of mine, Wendy, looking very sexy in a skin tight dress.

The Tanga Free Zone was inspired by a graphic I found on the net. I don’t know who created it but if you (the creator) see it and you have an issue please let me know and I’ll take it down.

vector illustratioon
Tanga free zone


Ambigrams are typography that can be read the right way up or up side down. Usually the words remain the same. In some cases the words can be different as in the example “69”. Some of these I have made into animated .GIF so that they will turn themselves over for you.

Ambigrams came to prominence and popularity with the books by Dan Brown, The da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. There are some brilliant examples on the internet and mine are rather crude in comparison but I had try and make some. A lot of planning has to go into how to get the typography to work. There are a few instructional pages on the net but some words do lend themselves to ambigram manipulation more than others.

The artist and typographer John Langdon is, in my opinion, a genius at this type of work.

Ambigram on the spanish word “abuelita” – granny

vector ambigram
Vector created ambigram

vector ambigram
Ambigram on the name “Wendy”

ambigram 69

vector ambigram
Ambigram on the word “vagina”


Political Parody

new world order vector DHS
Parody on the USA’s control mechanism the DHS

These two images were created to parody the extreme paranoia of the world (mainly the USA and UK). Personally I don’t think half the “crap” that we are told is going on is going on. I believe some to be false flag operations and insidious rumour spread by those with a vested interest in keeping populations under control for their own commercial gain. When I get round to it I have a few more in mind. I have a feeling that the FBI and DEA will be there.

No I don’t believe the official story of the Kennedy assassination nor the official story of the events of 9/11.

You can see more of these parodies on this page.

new world order vector CIA
Parody on the world’s favourite terrorist organisation

Pierrepont School

This picture of the building is the place where I went to school and ran amok in the 1970s. I know it’s terribly unfashionable but I liked school, I liked learning and best of all I liked being a boarder because it meant that I got to live with my best friends instead of being at home under parental control.

vector drawing
Where I ran amok