guitar forest

The garden of musical delights

Guitar and ukulele syndrome

As many of my friends will know I have GAS and UAS – Guitar Acquisition Syndrome and Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome. After all why have one guitar and ukulele when dozens will do? Most of my friends will also know that I’m a sucker for a pretty girl, although these days it’s more like a sucker for a pretty mature woman.

So I started this collage/photomontage some time ago and never got a chance to finish it due to one thing and another. I had already collected the guitar and ukulele photos and the girls. The background was all but done, all I had to do was motivate myself to get it finished instead of playing the guitar and ukulele.

The garden of musical delights

July 2017 I left for an extended visit to India. I took the image with me intending to finish it off in a hostel somewhere. The garden of musical delights got finished due to the fact that the electricity and internet are so sporadic in India it gave me plenty of time with not a whole lot to do. If you have a fancy to see what I got up to in India you can visit this blog. I didn’t take a guitar and ukulele with me – just a uke :-) While Europe is in the throws of ukulele revival there aren’t many here in India, so they attract a certain novel interest. I did stay at a hostel called HOG Hostel where they had an “in house” soprano uke which I used to jam with a tremendous musician called Nitin Srivastav. If you are going to Delhi, go stay at HOGs it’s a top place, friendly and helpful staff, and quiet because it backs onto a beautiful park, and it’s a short metro ride to the busy centre of Delhi.

If you’d like to see more of this type of photomontage, head on over to this page. A lot of my photomontage tend toward the political, it’s up to you to work it out.