A Mural can serve to change an otherwise dull wall area into something with a little more atmosphere. Whether it simply breaks up a large space or helps to add to the atmosphere of, say, a restaurant.

This banana tree mural was painted to decorate a tall and dull Barcelona stairwell. It stands about 6·50m tall (or 21 ¼ feet) and took approximately 14 days to paint. The worst part was trying to get the scaffold to fit up the stairway while leaving access for the owner to pass by during the work in progress.

On the murals page of this site you can see that a mural doesn’t necessarily have to be big or to fill the whole of the wall area. Sometimes a small painting works just as well, and in the case of a trompe l’œil mural, can often fool the eye more because it doesn’t fill the whole area. To see what I mean why don’t you head on over to this page to see some of the little wall paintings that I have done in bars and private houses.