painted guitars

Painted guitars

I love guitars. They have female forms. And bearing that in mind I decided to undertake a series of painted guitars. The idea was that each guitar should be a beach view with a babe. So far I have to admit that 2 are painted and 2 are half done and 2 are primed and based ready to go. When I stop prevaricating I’ll finish them off.

This example of one of the painted guitars is of the famous Copacabana beach in Rio where I had the luck to live for a while. The others, so far, feature Phuket, Frösakull and Mombasa in my country of birth. The remaining 2 are to be decided but I think they’ll be Australia somewhere and Costa Rica.

Bought cheaply in jumble and garage sales, these guitars would never have been playable again. The necks were twisted or bowed, the bridges were coming unstuck, so I removed them to make the compositional area more simple to paint. The machine heads or tuning pegs have been removed. I am tempted to remove the frets too. We’ll see on the next ones.

See more painting in general here on this page. And, when I have finished the other painted guitars I may make a page especially for them.