Miscellaneous painting

This page contains odd pieces of miscellaneous painting that I have been asked to produce over the years either as commissions or other things painted just because I wanted to paint them. Some of this miscellaneous painting does relate to other work that you can see on this site. For example the Alien Nation paintings have a link to various pieces of graphics I produced for them.

The Alien Nation

Alien Nation Alien
Alien Nation Alien
Alien Nation Banner
Alien Nation Banner

Here are two backdrops painted for the Alien Nation rave scene in the Costa del Sol. The backdrops were painted using fluorescent paint in places making certain areas jump out when the UV lights of the discotheque were turned on. The head was painted on two MDF boards and measured 4·8m x 2·1m. The lettering was painted on canvas and was approximately 4m x 2m.

You can see other work I did for this rave group here in the graphics section of this site.

These two different moons were painted to commission for children. They are painted on ¼” – (6mm MDF) profiled medium density fibre board. They were both about 30cm tall.

I painted the peach faced lovebird on ¼” – (6mm) MDF board. It is attached to the plant with rubber bands. You can see them at the end of the painted twig.

The golden pheasant was painted for the DSPCA. The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It was put up for auction at an event and the proceeds went to the above linked Adopt a Pet scheme.

All birds are painted life size. Over the years I have produced lots of birds in different situations some forming of parts of trompe l’oeil, some individual like these. Unfortunately they are the only ones of which I still have images. (This link is a cupboard, which appears on the Trompe L’œil Furniture page.)

Acoustic guitar painted with a girl from Copacabana beach Rio de Janeiro the other is Phuket. These two guitars are 2 of 6, the others are in various stages of completion and will be uploaded when finished.

The River Banwy in Llanfair Caereinon, Wales. Featuring Wendy. Size 1·41m x 0·84m. Painted from a combination of drawings, life and photos.

miscellaneous painting in acrylic on profiled board
Wendy on the Banwy

angel painting
Angel painted on profiled board
painting or nude woman
Statuette painted on profiled MDF board

The angel on the right was painted to commission for a person who collected figurines and pictures of angels.

The statuette was painted for fun and features a reverse side. The idea for this is that it would be placed on a mantlepiece in front of a mirror. When sufficiently close to the mirror the reverse side is seen, surprising some people.

This traditional goat skin drum, the bodhran (pronounced bow-ron) was painted for Tommy Breen of Ború. You can see him holding it in the picture from the CD cover at the bottom of this page

I was delighted to be able to weave the music staff into a celtic knot work pattern.

miscellaneous painting Decorated Irish bodhran
Decorated Irish bodhran
miscellaneous painting landscape painting Co. Wicklow
Mt. Djouce in Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Unusual for me, I painted this picture of Mt. Djouce in Co. WIcklow because of the cloud formation. I normally do not use frames or paint rectangular pictures

Size: approx 45cm square