Portraits …in various media

Aside from the portrait of Helen which was done in oil pastels and Selvamani which is in pencils, the rest of the portraits are painted and are also profiled from MDF board. The portrait of Œnone was made up of all her drawings from when she was 5 or less. I still have the originals. Most of her work at that age was linear so she had to tell me what colour they all were.

She has since graduated with a degree from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

I rarely use frames on portraits, I prefer to paint the bit I want without background. I think it comes from fitting trompe l’oeil directly onto walls.

portraits painting

Selvamani portrait in pencil on paper. A4 size.

Portrait of Wendy on profiled MDF board

portraits painting
Portrait in acrylics on profiled MDF
portraits painting
Œnone at five years old with all her drawings.

portraits painting
Helen in oil pastels on watercolour paper