Campo Fire – Mijas Costa

July 2014 – bush fire in Mijas Costa

This campo fire or bush fire started a couple of kilometres from my apartment and within minutes was at our back doors, quite literally as you’ll see.

We were all made to evacuate our houses shortly after due to the wind direction which was pushing the fire towards our “urbanisation”. (That would be estate in the UK or sub-division in the USA.)

It was then found, by the fire teams and the police, that the fire was set by some sociopathic individuals to take advantage of the confusion to rob houses and a time-share holiday complex in the area.

Hundreds of acres or hectares up in smoke for a few TVs, DVDs, a bit of change and some jewellery. Greed and self-centredness really is the name of the game in this post WW2 era.

Since moving to Spain in 2000 I have experienced 3 of these fires, all getting to quite literally less than 5m from our houses.

Campo fire

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