Spanish feria in Fuengirola

Feria de Fuengirola 2013 – the Spanish Feria

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For tourists or foreigners living in Spain, the spanish feria or fair is a spectacular show, the colors, dresses and customs are all interesting and very spectacular. This type of dress is adopted all over Spain when each town has its own feria or fête. Easter is also celebrated in the same manner.

In northern Europe we don’t tend to wear so many colors and we don’t have the same traditions as the spanish feria. I suppose that in our countries there are interesting things for visitors that we take for granted. We are accustomed to our different ways and don’t notice.

Well this page is for those not lucky enough to live in Spain.

You can see how people where I live dress during the Feria de Fuengirola.

Fuengirola Fair always gives me photographic opportunities.


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Fuengirola, Andalucía


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