Photos of Úbeda

Photos of Úbeda – Jaén.

These photos of Úbeda were taken Christmas 2014.The name comes from Arabic Ubbada al-`Arab and this from iberic Ibiut. Úbeda is a town in the province of Jaén in Spain’s autonomous community of Andalusia.

It was a very popular town and was heavily patronised during the early 16th century. This lead to the construction of a series of Renaissance style palaces and churches, which have been preserved ever since. Both this city and the nearby city of Baeza were declared by UNESCO to be World Heritage Sites because of the historic cores and monuments of the two towns.

The Romans and later the Visigoths occupied the site as a settlement. This area became an important city in the Muslim conquest of the Iberia. It was refounded by Abd ar-Rahman who gave it its name.

Unfortunately I was only there for an hour while waiting for a bus to Granada. It is a place I will revisit for sure.


These photos of Úbeda are much bigger if seen at and there is more detail.