Painting portraits and drawing people has always fascinated me. This picture below is of Œnone, my daughter when she was 5 years old, painted on 6mm profiled MDF board. I think that working on irregular walls has put me off the formal framed picture. Nearly all my paintings have no frame.

In this portrait all the little images were drawn by Œnone when she was 5 years old and younger. I still have them. I decided to scatter her images around her head. There are references to our cat, hallowe’en and the little girl top left with the crown is her self portrait at the time – two portraits in a portrait.

Trying to get her to sit still was naturally impossible, so I got a piece of glass and marked out a 1 foot height on it and told her to draw me a fairy in between the dots. I then took photos of her, concentrating hard, through the glass.

She now has a degree in graphic design and visual communication.

You can see a few more portraits here.