Supersnail Pricing and Costs

Prices and Costs

SuperSnail pricing and costs structure

With art it is very difficult to give exact prices and costs over the ‘phone. I normally prefer to price the entire job.

  • Work usually is based on metre2 and/or on detail. Other factors come into play. A tall room or house facade may require the rental of scaffolding or specialist lifting equipment.
  • Websites depend on the number of pages and complexity. For example a 4 page website takes about one day, but, if the website has to include shopping carts, booking forms etc. then the 4 page site will run into more time.
  • Computer graphics also depend on detail and complexity.
  • Menu cards and the like will depend on the quantity of text and imagery used.

Terms and Conditions

Frequently clients change their minds about certain details part the way into a job – this incurs extra prices and costs and should be budgeted for.

Painting prices and costs

With painting work, murals and trompe l’œil it is usually better if you, the client, have a budget to which you want to keep. It must be remembered that in the painting of a mural a significant amount of work is done off-site after measuring has taken place. If 6 different designs are required for choice – this will be charged for, as will later alterations or additions to the selected design.

It is far easier for me to give you an idea of what you will get within your budget than to draw up designs that fall far outside your budget and will be included in the work charge.

As an example, the small mural seen here took two days to draw out and paint.


Simple graphics jobs such as business cards usually only take a half day to prepare, provide samples, and then send you the client the finished work – print ready in CMYK colour space. Some people and businesses want imagery and logos on their cards. These must be supplied by the client or additional costs will be incurred for the design of logos and graphics. Any corporate colours should be supplied as either Pantone® colours or in hexadecimal form (#000000 = black). Web-safe hexadecimal colours can be googled on the web or found in various graphics programs.

If you are starting from scratch, colours can be discussed and decided upon.

Menus and the like are dependent on how many items are in your list. You can see a menu here and here that took two days to complete. It is a triptych with a lot of type, background graphics, borders, two languages and layout. This type of menu has to be able to fold correctly and be presented to the printers in the correct form. For menus you intend to print out on your printer or in a cyber-shop there is no need for this amount of work.


If you are new to websites they can be a bit daunting. A basic site usually consists of:

  • A HOME page – where you explain your service or product.
  • An ABOUT page – detailing your expertise, qualifications, any personal or biographical details you may want to include.
  • A PRODUCT or SERVICE page with your pricing structure.
  • A CONTACT page with a contact form.

You will need to buy a DOMAIN name (the bit that ends in .com or .ie) and WEB HOSTING. These latter two are fundamental. Buying the hosting and domain yourself gives a little freedom for you to take over the site yourself or to find someone other than SuperSnailArt to maintain your site.

There are a number of new dot-extensions now, for example .life, .guru, .club, .info and lots more. They vary in price per year. There is no need to include the WWW unless you want to. Most sites these days simply start with http:// or https://. Https is a secure site that uses encryption and requires a certificate at extra cost and payable yearly. If you are going to sell and use PayPal you will need https.

I can supply the hosting through a colleague at reasonable prices and costs. He is based in the UK or you can compare his prices at If I buy the domain and hosting for you you will be invoiced yearly for this and a maintenance charge (dependent on size, complexity, updating and work done during the year). There are a number of sites that specialise in selling domain names. I use or Both supply hosting. I admit I prefer to use PlusLocal for my hosting needs because I am able to contact my colleague directly. Both 123-Reg and GoDaddy have good support though.

I use the WordPress platform to mount websites. It is simple enough to learn if you decide you want to maintain the site yourself. You need no knowledge of html or Css. That said, a knowledge of the two will enable you to customise your site and make it just how you want. There are two methods of making pages and posts included in WordPress, Visual which is the simple form and Text where you can carry out html customisations. There are many tutorials on the net.

Theatre and set painting

This type of painting is impossible to price without reading the script. Some plays have multiple scenes and some only require one set. If you are part of a dramatic society I urge you to contact me and let me have a copy of the script and I will be able to give ideas as to design and painting. If and when decided upon I can then calculate a price for you.

Top bar menu pages

At the top of the page is a menu in which you will find various categories of work I have undertaken. Please have a look through. Do bear in mind that this site is also my personal blog where I say what I want. I apologise in advance if some of my views offend. However, they are my views accumulated over the years and go to make up what I am as an artist and painting technician.

The HOME PAGE from which you accessed this page is a “list” of images and work I have created. Mostly they link to pages with further examples. It is a kind of “visual menu”.

Prices and Costs

I charge €180 per day for my work. If I have to travel outside a 20km radius I will include fuel charges. For jobs that require me to stay away I will include expenses in the prices and costs, lodging, meals and fuel etc..

Normally I will charge a minimum of ½ day’s work, however it is always worth contacting me if the job is quick and simple. I may be able to do it in a couple of hours.