theatre sets - scenic painting

Theatre sets

When living in Eire I got involved in painting theatre sets thanks to Michael Stafford, my kids’ granddad. I knew nothing about theatre but he had confidence in my abilities to paint the theatre sets and the result was a lot of prizes and honourable mentions for my visions of the various plays. Thanks Mick!

This set was the Post Horn Gallop by Derek Benfield.

Now I wouldn’t be that into farces but the play put me in mind of cartoons. So I painted the set like that. The reviewer in Gorey Co. Wexford made the ego boosting comment that the price of admission was worth it if only to see the set.

Below you can see a sketch with dimensions produced for this set. The company was a traveling company so all of my sets had to be designed in modular form in order to accommodate the differing sizes of stages in the various towns and villages.

play set drawing
play set trial design

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