supersnail art painting and graphics

Trompe l’œil painting – SuperSnail

supersnail trompe l'oeil painting and graphics
Me, the SuperSnail

Hi folks, I’m Quentin the SuperSnail and I have been a working artist since the early eighties. My speciality is trompe l’oeil painting (correct spelling would use “Œ”) but I undertake many different styles.

I also design and mount websites (some of which can be seen on the pages in the menu). Also, I prepare graphics for web and print and much more. SuperSnail comes from the way I sign my work, with a stylised “QR” which you can see above and resembles a snail. For more info about me please see the ABOUT page.

I also use this web space to mouth off a bit. Can’t help it. I look at the world and I see so many somnambulists plodding through dreary, avoidable, tough lives with so much un-noticed weirdness going on all around them. It makes me wonder why they don’t all wake up and we can do something to restore people a bit of control over their lives instead of faceless corporations dictating to OUR governmental representatives how poor and deprived they want us to be.

Don’t play their game: you don’t need that extra 42″ flat-screen with its designed in life expectancy of a couple of years. Buy an instrument, entertain yourself instead of being spoon-fed mindless sit-coms and police dramas with their glorification of violence and infidelity.

I hope you enjoy browsing my work, especially the trompe l’oeil painting, and that you don’t get too annoyed at my rants, and if you feel I can help in some way please contact me.