Trompe l'oeil shelf

Trompe l’oeil

Trompe l’oeil is a french, meaning “trick the eye”. In spanish it is the same, trampantojo. Some times it is written trompe d’oeil which would mean “trick of the eye”. Trompe l’œil (correctly written with the diphthong) can encompass many styles. Painted marble and faux bois can be included in this category because they become the tools of the painter who is trying to fool you. There is no point in painting a violin on the back of a door if you can’t paint the wood from which the violin is made. There is a famous example of this violin at Chatsworth House, UK.

trompe l' oeil shelf
Trompe l’oeil shelf with pint of Guinness and books

Often trompe l’oeil paintings are huge murals with views, masonry work, windows, pillars and various other architectural elements that change the aspect of the room in which they are painted. However it can be seen from the picture above that they don’t need to be. These little shelves measured about 60cm across.

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