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Have you had odd thoughts as to the state of the world? This site has. Does what goes on with all the wars and terrorism seem a little (or downright odd)? Are you one of the people labeled as a conspiracy theory believer?

This was a website built for the alternative thinker and for those that aren’t too sure if the media’s presented view of the world is exactly what’s actually going on. For those of you that aren’t too enamoured with BigPharma’s never ending promotion of it’s miraculous drugs. For those that are downright skeptical of BigFood’s promotion of the benefits of GM food. And for all the other myriad of weirdness that seems to abound… chemtrails, UFOs, the NWO and on and on it goes.

Let’s call a spade a spade – conspiracy theory website! But just because it’s a theory doesn’t mean it isn’t going on… and the world’s press has made a good job of promoting the term “conspiracy theory” as an insult or crackpot ideas. Face it – Copernicus was derided for saying the sun was the centre of the solar system, and the Catholic Church wanted him killed, along with Galeleo.

This photo montage was the background image for the website.

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