vector graphic female

Boredom set in

A Vector graphic differs from bitmap graphics in that the data is held using mathematical formulae instead of pixel data. Bitmaps (JPGs etc) store the relationship between the colour, colour density (light or darkness) and position, in relation to the pixels that surround it. This means that a vector graphic weighs in much more lightly in megabytes than that bitmaps. In general a vector graphic can be drawn where as a bitmap is more likely to be a photographic type of image. This is a very rough definition though.

So living in Spain at the moment is dire. There is no work (unemployment knocking 40%) and even when one does find some work, everyone wants it for nothing. I know an english teacher that gets paid more for sweeping floors and ironing than she does for teaching english! 30 years of experience in my field counts for nothing, I command the minimum wage here. The only advantage to being here is that there are no heating bills, I can see the sea, the weather is… well better than the north of Europe. Enough said.

So my boredom lead me to draw some vector graphic images of the rapidly approaching and anticipated summer vistas.

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