NWO destruction by chemtrails

Oh what wonderful chemtrails

Apathy, vaccines, chemtrails and things

NWO destruction by chemtrails
Oh what a wonderful world

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Well I’ve been a bit under the weather recently and therefore had plenty of time to depress myself reading about the state of the world. Recently there was a move in the EU states to deny us the right to determine if we get our kids vaccinated or not. Naturally BigPharma had a hand in this, persuading our voted members to go with crony-capitalism instead of the people that put them in power – they want the profits on vaccines that go out of date. So it looks like that will be passed into law because too many SHEEPLE couldn’t bother themselves to sign the petitions. Now they can put their energies into bitching and moaning.

Chemtrails… yeah yeah, I know.

There’s also been a lot recently on our beloved Facebook about chemtrails. Many people maintain that they aren’t real and that they are contrails (condensation trails). This is illogical – condensation trails by their very nature evaporate over time. Chemtrails leave those white lines that dissipate slowly and turn a nice blue sky shimmery silver-white. And then of course there is NASA admitting that they are spraying barium strontium and aluminium to study the winds. You can see that on their website. Its geoengineering. Naturally these people have no idea what will happen because there is no control experiment that they can do, there isn’t a parallel Earth that we can get at to use as a control for the chemtrails experiment. We can also assume that if they are telling us about barium, strontium and aluminium then you can be sure that there is other shit in there as well. What better way to control populations by having them breathe daily a concoction of chemicals.

The Military Industrial Complex

The Military Industrial Complex has been experimenting for years with how to control the weather. He that controls the weather wins the war. This is what HAARP is. HAARP most likely started its shenanigans under “Uncle” Ronnie Reagan’s Starwars initiative. But he was too stupid and busy with mind controlled slaves to be the instigator. (Read The Transformation of America. It’s widely available as PDF but if you can’t find it and want to depress yourself, give me a shout. I’ll be happy to send you a copy). HAARP have a massive antenna array in Alaska, and there are plenty of other sites around the world with the equipment and capabilities that enable the use of ELF (extremely low frequencies) for weather manipulation.  Chemtrails, nano particles and 5G WiFi are almost certainly part of this manipulation.

Cannabis and the bright side

Cannabis - Probably the best plant in the world
¡Undoubtedly! the best plant in the world

One positive thing that I could find is that more and more people are now coming to understand that cannabis, pot, blow, puff, ganja – whatever your favourite moniker may be, is actually good for you and bad for BigPharma’s profits. Granted, smoking it is harmful, but there are other ways of getting it in you. Ok so the DEA have made it legal for corporations to grow and extract the beneficial chemicals and illegal for us, the proletariat, to grow this plant. That’s because they are paid off by Big Pharma and need the revenue from smuggled pot to fund their black ops. But thankfully more countries and states are waking up due to pressure of scientific study and people power and slowly it’s becoming legal.

I’d still advocate growing your own whether it’s illegal in your country or not. You’ll have plenty of legal help and scientific knowledge to back you up. Doctors are younger and have this knowledge too and often will back you. The clever Dutch people have strains that mix all three of the three varieties sativa, indica and ruderalis (the fast grower for inclement latitudes). Check out Sensi Seeds. There is an abundance of info on the internet at the moment, take the time to google “benefits of cannabis”.

All the medical things aside – cannabis paper is hard wearing and used to be used in banknotes for precisely this reason. Hemp fibre is great for rope and textiles and so much more. Turn of the TV and have a google, and if you are allergic to reading, use YouTube.

Cannabis common sense

The plant is an annual and therefore can be cropped yearly creating work instead of felling trees that have taken decades to grow. Henry Ford and George Washington were advocates of the hemp plant and Queen Victoria used the medicine to ease period pains. There was a time, not that long ago, that every doctor’s bag contained some extract of cannabis. And let’s not forget – the human body has an endocanabinoid system, it doesn’t have an endoalcohol system – but that’s cool by the powers that be because alcohol is a toxin. Cannabinoids are neurotransmitters like serotonin, they help with stress. It also helps with pain, is probably a cure for cancer (hence BigPharma wanting the monopoly), encourages thinking and activity and unlike the electro-narcotic TV which spoon feeds you misinformation and mind numbing distractions.

So there’s my chemtrails, chemicals and cannabis rant for today :-) I can’t imagine anyone will “like” the picture, but maybe it will inspire some to start doing some research and awakening?

Finally – if you would like to see more of my graphics then go to this page. Not all are as depressing as this ;-)